Welcome to SKUM School of English Medium

About us

SKUM was established in Ahmedabad in 1964. Mr. B.H. Patel (Lokhandwala) and late Shri G.J. Patel (Usmanpura) contributed to the 6500 sq. yards of land in Memnagar. Finally, 10000 sq. yards of land in the prime locality of Bodakdev was selected for the school and hostel infrastructure, keeping in mind the latest facilities and technology, beautiful campus, gardens, hostel, administration offices, modern kitchen, kindergarten etc.


The school kicked off with classes up to Grade V in June 2006. The total staff comprised of the teachers, administration staff, students and, most importantly, the trustees, who have been the guiding spirit. The school is non-profitable and is graced by the contribution of 'KADVA PATIDAR' donors. Stress free, value based education with emphasis on all round development of a child is the cornerstone of our teaching objectives.

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School Philosophy

When learning stops dying starts. Educators, parents & learners are learning silently in the thorough various activities, experiences, observations and knowledge.
Learning in only possible in 4 walls is an illusion. Participative attitude round the clock makes the learning in all walks of life applicable. Great end of life is not knowledge but actions.

School Vision

SKUM is like a rainbow, whichever angle you look at it, there is a different advantage: the courage the child develops from the school, the light thrown by the school on the spiritual soul, the encouragement the child gets to be successful, the creative side the child develops in this school, and the progress in overall development for the generation of today.


School Mission

SKUM aims at providing school based education from pre-primary to higher secondary levels at affordable rates in an environment characterized by mutual love and respect between the teacher and the student. We work as a team - stressing on 'WE', which includes teachers, parents and students, to enable each student to achieve his / her dream.