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As we all know that the movement of cleanliness is not followed by people of India seriously, though explained and appreciated by our Respected Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi. Due to this reason, our school has organized the movement of 'Swachhagraha' which was initiated by 'Adani'.

In our school, we had organized many programs related to Swachhagraha. Swachhagraha is not a movement, but the voice from one's heart which wants cleanliness. In the beginning we started this program by making a 'Swachhagraha Wall' in our school's assembly hall. Thenafter, we have arranged competitions such as poster making, slogan writing, etc. These posters were then sticked can the Swachhagraha Wall. Our various teachers were included in this program. They are Neha Patel, Kashyap Joshi, Vishad Vyas, Dennice Macwan and Bharti Patel respectively. There were six groups headed by six different students of 9th class namely, Astha Raval, Frency Dholaria, Prayag Patel, Abhijeet Patel, Manthan Goswami and Dev Dhanani. Every month, the meetings were helded by this leaders. We took programs such as rallies outside the school campus, salfie with 'Swachhta Ke Sitare', dance of Swachhagraha as well as drama, cleaning of areas nearby our school etc. These events created a great excitement among the students of our school. The students who were giving their best, were given batches of Swachhagraha. It was very significant for every student. We were feeling proud of being a 'Swachhagrahi'.

The students were given certain duties in the school premises for cleanliness. The students of pre-primary have made decorative dustbin for the garbage in it. The classes that were performing outstandingly in keeping their classes clean were given ranks. This duty is assigned to certain girls namely Shraddha Raval, Disha Patel, Kresha Savalia, Aditi Patel, Nandini Thakkar and myself Astha Raval. I used to announce the ranks, every Tuesday. The classes which were highlighted were 6th B, 7th A and 5th B on fourth floor and 4th A, 3rd A and 3rd B on the first floor.

It was a little bit mammoth task to convince the students about cleanliness but their support and tremendous involvement resulted into a greater impact. The students were heartily performing their duties. Now cleanliness has become a hobby for most of them. The students as well as their parents have realized the importance of cleanliness.
Now, the children are instructing their parents not to litter the environment. Through this other students are also getting involved in such types of programs. In the beginning, cleanliness was a duty but now it has become a hobby. So many children were influenced by this program. It took six – seven months for us to teach the lesson of cleanliness. During the inspection we came across two types of students behavior, students of type – one, took the responsibility even if they were not involved in the fault of littering but on the other side students of type – two were not ready to accept their fault of littering the school.

The classes and corridors are very clean but I am very disappointed by seeing the situation of the ground and garden. Even the water in the toilets is taken care of. Thus our goal is 90% achieved only 10% is left and I am sure that we will achieve it anyhow in the upcoming year. The soldiers of mission cleanliness are ready!


- Astha Raval (Std. - 9-B)